Permanent Waves Cornish Rex
The Cornish Rex breed was established from a solitary curly-coated kitten born in 1950 in Cornwall,
England. His name was Kallibunker, and over the years his curly coat, large ears, and slender stature
would be carried on through breeding programs to develop the Cornish Rex that we know today.

The first Cornish Rex arrived in the United States in 1957, and were used to establish the foundation
lines of the breed here. Some Siamese was introduced into the bloodlines to both widen the gene pool
and to integrate the traits of the Oriental body type as compared to the stockier British cats.

The personality of the Cornish Rex is very active and social. They are devoted to their owners and seek
them out constantly. They are playful and mischievous. They may seek to sleep under the bedcovers or
on top of your head, but don't try to shut them out of the bedroom at night or they may howl for you!
They are intelligent and can be easily trained to perform tricks.

Allergic to cats? Alas, despite the short, curly coat and minimal shedding Cornish Rex are
hypoallergenic. However, there are many allergic people for whom this breed does not trigger their
symptoms. Since the proteins in cat saliva which stimulate allergies are consistent across cat breeds,
some allergy sufferers still may not be able to share their home with a Cornish Rex.