Permanent Waves Cornish Rex
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Breeder: Kelly Phillips
Producing healthy, quality cats with attention to breed
standard and excellent temperament.
Raised in a home setting with lots of love & socialization.
Special interest in points, lynx points, tabby, mink, and chocolate.
Located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.
Member: American Cat Fanciers Association
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Susan Jo Siebecker
Cattails Cornish Rex in Madison, WI
GC Cattails Good Luck Charlotte
GC Cattails Wavy Gravy
Quadruple Grand Champion
Cattails Charlie
the Little Tramp
Due to many circumstances beyond our control, Permanent Waves Rex is temporarily suspending
our breeding program. It is our hope to begin showing our cats and breeding again in 2021. If you
have already spoken with us about a current kitten please stay in contact as we do have a small
number of kittens available for you to choose from. Please stay healthy and know that when the time
is right we will again be bringing you those wonderful Cornies we all love!!